Wishing you all a wonderful summer, full of family, fun, relaxing and ART!! 

In the background is our banner... all of the Grade 5 students made footprints to signify their departure... Fly Dragons Fly!

GWA artists, I will miss you! 

Last week of school!

It's the last week of school and my art room is being taken over! Who are these kids?!?! 

Free Time

Some classes are choosing free time for their last lesson. There are lots of creative ideas, drawing games, friendship bracelets and many choices of mediums. 


In Mural ASA this year, our goal was to brighten up the stairwells. We wanted to make people feel happy and inspired when the go up and down the stairs. We created 4 'windows' to place in the walls. Each window is inspired by an artist -except one; it's for the yellow wall that looks like a submarine! 

Here are some of our reflections about our ASA: 

We learned about different artists and with our new knowledge created artwork inspired by them. -Arnav

We worked together and shared ideas to create our art work. -Alice

We expressed our feelings and personalities through our art! -Noor and Stephanie

We had fun! -Aditaay 

Making murals lets our stress out, through the paintbrush and into the canvas! -Kaitlin 

Working with Clay: Considering Form

Reflections on working with form

Our hands are really 'handy' because when we are using form you need good skills to make it neat and smooth. --Can

Zara added we have to use both of our hands!

We need to use lots of texture - Skye

We need to see that it's symmetrical from different directions.

You need to use your muscles to get good texture and form. -Thomas

Different tools can give us different textures -Heba

You need to look closely from different sides to see cracks. -Ghaous

Grade 2 Printmaking

Wow! Another year is almost over! To celebrate all of our growth and learning we are creating a collaborative project together. Each student is designing their own plate with a portrait of themselves. We are making individual prints and creating multiple cards. We are also putting the prints together to create a special class project (shhhhh... It's a surprise). 

Here we are making the plates:

Grade 3-5 Celebration of Arts

Grade 3 Artists 2013-2014

Assessing Growth in Drawing

How can I draw what I see?

  • Look for Contour Families: line, curve, angle, circle and dot. 
  • Air draw
  • 'Imagine draw' when you need to overlap
  • Look closely... even when you think you're done! 

At the beginning of the year, each student at GWA from Grades KG2-Grade 5 was asked to do their best drawing in 10 minutes. They had to draw a of a pot of art supplies. They reflected on their work and set goals for how they would improve in drawing this year.

Here are some of the drawings and reflections from Grade 3: 

And very focused Grade 4s: