About GWA Art

Visual Arts Scope and Sequence

The PYP Visual Arts programme consists of 2 interconnected strands: Responding and Creating. Students are encourages to reflect on their work through the process of creating, enforcing the link between these two strands.

The PYP Scope and Sequence document, available online, will provide more details as to specific expectations at each phase. The above description has been taken from the Arts Scope and Sequence document.

Knowledge and Skills
At GWA, we believe that it is beneficial to establish more specific learning goals for our students and develop a curriculum that is balanced vertically and horizontally. Thus, the Visual Arts department has developed a Knowledge and Skills continuum to support the Creating and Responding strands. Below is the document that we are currently using to guide our teaching of knowledge and skills in the art program. This document is evolving as our student population changes and grows over time.


Each student who attends GWA is given a very special book on their first art class. It is a very good quality sketch book, used to celebrate their artistic journey and record their learning. This book stays with them each year. Students love to look at these books and flip through pages to see their growth and talk about the meaningful art projects they have completed. Books include observations, plans and practise as well as final projects and reflections. When you leave GWA, please be sure to take these wonderful books with you! 

We take our books to the Peace Garden to draw!

Practise Drawings 
Investigating Print Making in our Art book
Planning a Design
Reflecting on a Design

Learning to Draw