Note to Parents: 
I encourage students to complete the tasks in the homework section of this blog to reinforce and practice the knowledge/skills/concepts that we are working on in class. Unless specifically requested, all activities may be completed at home and are not collected for grading. 

January: Skill Building Exercises
You don't need a fancy sketch book (although they are nice to have). You could use the back of a cereal box or any thing that you can find! 

Grade 5: Still Life 

Week 1: Practise the strategies that you learned in class to draw objects that look 3D. Choose a simple object such as an apple or something more complex. Bring along your work to share.

Week 2: Choose one item or a set of objects to bring to class to create a still life with. Remember to consider size, shape and textures of objects. Think about how you might place them to create a composition with interesting negative space. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT!

Grade 4: Portraiture

Week 1: After we have had a class 'Portrait Party', try drawing some of your friends or family members.  Bring in your sketches to share!

Week 2: Creating portraits with sticks, buttons and other odd objects was a fun way to practise creating portraits that have the right proportions and experiment with creating different expressions. Try making a portrait using a new medium at home this week. Perhaps you could try an item from your kitchen: beans, rice, cereal :) Use your imagination!

Visit the link on the side bar of our blog, Portraits and Portraiture: There are many fun activities and lots to learn about portraits!

Grade 3: Drawing Animals

Look at animals around you and try to use geometric shapes to help you outline the animal before you draw in the details. Bring your animals to class to share!

Grade 2: Drawing People

Look at people around you and try to use geometric shapes to help you draw them. Look at the people we drew in class to help you!